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Leave the rugged landscape behind; from cruising in the warm hospitality, refreshing at the open decks, discovering the breathtaking beauty of coastline to tasting the world-class cuisine and drinking classic wines, here’s a suite of attractive offers and packages from us to get you started on your unforgettable journey to Goa and back

Cruise that spells romance, luxury and comfort

A romantic cruise from Mumbai to Goa figures everywhere – in cards, in movies and in songs. It’s an adventure filled experience that people want to repeat time and again. Most people take road trips to Goa, stopping in different places, camping overnight on the beaches and experiencing the picturesque nature and the incredible train journey, just for fun. Even with all that, they still make the time to enjoy a cruise from Mumbai to Goa, which is relaxing and wonderful

Hosts of recreational options

When you travel by cruise boat, you feel peaceful and serene. Towns pass by as you gaze at the distant Mumbai skyline, all set to step on the golden sands of Goa. In the water, the friendly dolphins are busy diving up and down, treating you to their own version of water acrobatics. You can take some great shots of these friendly creatures to share with your friends. If you’re lucky, you might spot a lonely shark going past the boat, wondering where its next meal might come from. Just don’t become its next meal.


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Goa is a beautiful state dense jungles, ancient ruins, lovely monuments, magnificent churches and golden beaches. People from around the globe make Goa the primary point of visit when they come to India. Goa has casinos, nightclubs, plenty of day and night delights and much more. It’s actually known as the ‘Vegas of India’.
The Goans themselves are hospitable people, willing to take tourists into their home, offering home-cooked food and accommodation.A cruise ship offers the perfect way to interact with others, and the luxury suites, 4 passenger cabins and the sumptuous food will definitely appeal to people from all walks of life. You will create a bundle of exclusive memories to take back with you to Mumbai

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Know Me..!!

Story behind the name—Angriya

Angriya the cruise vessel is named after Kanhoji Angre, or Conajee Angria, the first Admiral of the Maratha Navy. The foreign troops called him a pirate but back at home, he was the ‘Shivaji Samudra’, or Shivaji of the Indian Ocean. Interestingly, Mumbai is also home to a naval establishment named after him, called INS Angre

How large is the Mumbai to Goa cruise ship?

It is a 131-metre long and 120-metre wide passenger ship cruise operating from Mumbai-Goa route and has the capacity of hosting up to 400 passengers

Which route does Mumbai to Goa luxury cruisetakes

The Angriya is expected to complete the voyage from Mumbai to Goa in 16 hours. It will run on alternate days from Mumbai and Goa. For now, it will be a non-stop cruise, though there are plans to include stops at Dighi, Dabhol, Malvan and other places along the Konkan coast, once the jetties are ready

What is the Mumbai to Goa cruise price?

Starting From 7000(RS) and Time: 4pm Departure From Mumbai- 9am arrival at Goa,Note - Same timings applicable for Goa-Mumbai journey as well

Angriya cruise Menu

Indulge in the best of mouth-watering Konkan delights, complimented by Continental, Italian, and Chinese cuisines at restaurants as you savour stunning views of the sea

Discover all Entertainment Options


The Fathoum Lounge
Dance to your favourite music.


2 Exquisite Restaurants
Devour into tempting meal every time.


Dry Doc Spa Therpy
Get pampered in the mid-sea.


6 Bar
Sip the exotic drinks.


3 Open Decks
Refresh under the nature and sky.


Infinity Pool
Swim to ultimate relaxation.


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